Women Rising

A silhouette of a woman in front of a cityscape, holding up her fist in triumph.

A guided study of leadership that focuses on issues unique to women in the workplace.

For: Women talent pipeline candidates

Duration: Four months

Format: Multiple workshops, four 1:1 mentor-coaching sessions and can be tailored to fit your organization’s needs.

Designed by Successful Businesswomen To Prepare Women for Leadership

Women Rising by BenchStrength Coaching® is an accelerator for female talent. This signature program has grown from 50 participants in 2019 to over 1500 at the end of 2023.  Several top 100 companies are leveraging this program to fortify their talent pipeline and have adopted it as part of their ongoing talent development offerings.    

The company founders, three successful businesswomen, designed this program specifically to prepare aspiring women for greater success. They, along with a team of certified coaches, lead various sessions of each program. Participants explore their personal and current leadership challenges in guided discussions with experienced leaders.  

We provide a safe environment to discover beliefs and practice new behaviors to enhance professional effectiveness. Every participant works with a mentor-coach to develop deeper self-awareness, and a clearer understanding of their interpersonal skills and leadership style. The program culminates with an individual development plan based on insights from the program.

We help companies: 

  • Address the “broken rung” by encouraging women to enter into leadership roles,
  • Develop the skills of existing leaders and help them seek sponsorship, and 
  • Increase the size of the leadership candidate pool.

Women Rising is an awesome program, very organized and important for women leaders to break from molds.

The Women Rising Program was a very well-structured program that provided good insights, guidance and tools to help me adapt and grow.

If I had The Women Rising Program training 10 years ago, my career would look completely different.

I got so much more than I thought I would out of the Women Rising Program workshops. I received such valuable insight into what motivates our behavior, how we think about change and decision making.

The Women Rising Program was transformational, challenging but rewarding, and brought a ton of clarity on how I need to be managing my own career. A great combination of theory and practice!

I will remember the Women Rising Program all my life.

As a life-long self-development learner I’ve attended many workshops and seminars and the Women Rising Program has been an excellent investment. It is expanding on so much knowledge already known.

The Women Rising Program helped me to identify how to deal with my weak habits and focus on key strengths. My 1:1 sessions also motivated me to structure my career development plan and roadmap.

I truly appreciate the culture of the Women Rising Program workshops. I can be myself. I can participate and know that it is a safe space. I’ve gained so much more self-awareness by participating in this program.

The Women Rising Program was such an empowering, reflective, and helpful course. I really enjoyed the 1:1 coaching sessions and personalized advice that was specific to my habits/strengths/situation.

The Women Rising Program provided me with useful tools to improve my leadership skills and gain confidence.