Executive Development

Steps with a sprout that grows bigger as it gets higher.

One-on-one coaching with an unbiased third party.

For: C-Suite and Senior Leaders

Duration: Six to Twelve Months

Features: One-on-one sessions, usually by phone or zoom.
Sessions can be in-person in certain situations.

An Individualized Process Developing Leaders in Real Time

Leadership coaching is an experiential and individualized leadership development process.  Coaching builds capabilities to achieve both short and long-term organizational goals. Our coaching is focused on leveraging strengths and adjusting behaviors to positively improve leadership impact.

This approach develops leaders real-time, within the context of their current or future roles, while maintaining their day-to-day responsibilities. The coaching relationship is a partnership. It allows clients room to move and try on new thoughts and behaviors so the leader can enhance effectiveness.  The coach is a thought and accountability partner throughout the process. When coupled with 360 feedback and/or coach shadowing, the executive learns about the perceptions they trigger in others and how to manage and lead in new ways to optimize his or her effectiveness.  

BenchStrength provided a truly valuable service. They helped us clarify our leadership goals and compassionately worked with employees on their growth plans. Employees were grateful to grow their self-awareness and learn how to leverage their leadership strengths in the workplace.

A.Z. Detroit, MI

I want to thank you for the last six weeks of coaching. As I said today – I was skeptical at first – but very happy today. You certainly challenged me in a good way and gave me a lot to think about.

C.L. Detroit, MI

BenchStrength supported me through a major career transition around culture and organizational focus. The value I received was well beyond my expectations. My coach was amazing at ‘connecting the dots’ and getting me to think about critical topics from a different perspective.

P.E., Redlands, CA

Working with BenchStrength helped me move to the next level of my career. As a result, we are projecting the business will take off and grow significantly this year.

G.R., Seattle, WA