Our Method


We recognize the importance of having a common language for talent development and aligning with the talent strategy principles of our client companies.

In this phase, we:

  • Partner with company stakeholders to align to your leadership language, competencies, and culture;
  • Evaluate which development tools best fit the needs of your organization;
  • Clarify any specific developmental needs for participants;
  • Match coaches with participants.


Through dialogue and reflection, the coach and participant will identify both strengths and opportunities that will be addressed during the coaching engagement.

In this phase, we:

  • Use industry accepted leadership assessments to evaluate your pipeline talent;
  • Collect additional relevant data to inform the coaching work;
  • Analyze, consolidate, and provide feedback to the participant;
  • Ensure alignment between participant, coach and development sponsor(s), and gain leadership support for the identified coaching goals.


Where many development programs can be assessment heavy and insight light, BenchStrength Coaching emphasizes what happens after the assessment. The coaching process occurs in a series of meetings, typically every other week.

In this phase, we:

  • Co-create the development plan with the participant;
  • Coach for self-awareness and skill development through experimentation and practice;
  • Ensure progress is being made according to the development plan and recalibrate focus when needed;
  • Assess for growth and close the engagement with the participant and stakeholders.