Our Founders

Head and shoulders portrait of Dawn Rowley, a white woman with shoulder length straight blong hair and a soft smile, dressed in professional attire

Dawn Rowley

Former VP of Human Resources

Dawn helps leaders recognize and improve their leadership impact and gain deeper self-awareness. She takes a practical approach to help leaders discover and unleash their best self.

Head and shoulders portrait of Susan Gellatly, a white woman with a toothy smile and dark blond hair cropped short, dressed in professional attire

Susan Gellatly

Former IT Executive at Boeing

Susan helps leaders increase self-awareness, improve communication and conflict resolution skills, and build on their strengths so they can lead with courage and confidence.

Head and shoulders portrait of Christine Noffz, a white woman with short curly blond hair, a wide smile, and crinkles around the eyes, dressed in professional attire

Christine Noffz

Former VP of Banking Operations

Chris facilitates sustainable leadership growth by helping clients to understand and leverage their natural strengths, to cultivate complex working relationships, manage our ever-changing environment, and to successfully integrate work and life.

Who We’ve Worked With