Immersion Program

The silhouette of a head with a sunburst inside.

An individual coaching program in a concentrated timeframe.

For: Leaders at any level

Duration: 25 – 30 hours in one week

Features: Accelerated in-person leadership development with follow on coaching sessions.

Breaking Barriers
to Success By

Our immersion program achieves transformative leadership by exploring both personal and professional issues. In a one-to-one setting, we will dismantle barriers which influence your thinking, your decisions, your leadership style, and the way others react to you.

During the program, you will examine your experiences, beliefs, assumptions, and automatic reactions to issues around topics such as control; guilt; help; problem solving; dichotomies like success/failure, right/wrong and good/bad; communication; goal setting and obstacles to attaining goals. It is “up close and personal”, both intense and challenging, yet the process is also fun and allows for change in a unique way.

The course is a highly efficient process that moves an executive through examination, to understanding and resolution very quickly. 

As I reflect on the days, I wanted to say THANK YOU. The week was very intense but PHENOMENAL! I really enjoyed the experience/coaching with you. It was absolutely amazing.

T.S., Detroit, MI