Our Story

Chris, Susan, and Dawn met while attending the Hudson Institute of Coaching, one of the premier coaching institutes in the world. Each of them had a successful career as an executive, but they’d found a new passion in the rewarding role of mentoring and coaching new leaders. Realizing that they could do more together than they could do alone, they created a collective vision for the impact they could make.

Supporting Leaders

The founders built BenchStrength Coaching around the principle that leaders of all kinds need support to reach their highest potential, just as great athletes rely on strong coaches. However, they also understood that not every leader’s path to success was the same. Different industries demand different skills from their leaders, and each person has a unique set of strengths and opportunities for growth.

We designed our programs to carefully match each client with an ICF certified coach who suits their communication style and industry. BenchStrength coaches provide pragmatic and candid coaching that builds amazing business leaders. Our coaching sessions offer a safe place for personal growth and reflection. They are known as powerful sparks behind leadership transformations and business growth. 

Giving Back

BenchStrength Coaching values talent development, helping others, and giving back to the business community. We help companies that share these values build a pipeline of diverse candidates who are prepared for greater levels of leadership.