Susan Gellatly started her own coaching business in 2015 following a long and successful career in Information Technology with The Boeing Company. Her clients have been small business owners, and executives, mid-level and early career employees at mid to large companies. Clients tend to select her either because of her IT and business experience or because she was also a working mom in a male-oriented and male-dominated industry. During her final 10 years as an IT executive, Susan led several large-scale software development programs for HR, Finance, and Airplane Customer Services. Additionally, she led the implementation of Service Management for the entire IT Organization. She managed a $1.6B asset management budget and $1B spend with suppliers. She developed the organization strategy, including employee development, for the 1000-person infrastructure team.

Susan is a Pacific Northwest native with a passion for identifying and resolving the barriers to professional development at both the individual and organizational level. She is known for having a direct, thoughtful, and respectful communication style. Clients quickly learn she creates a trusting relationship that allows for self-discovery and candid conversations. Clients working with Susan discover for themselves what changes are needed to reach their personal and professional goals. Having raised four children, Susan had many employees, especially women, seek her counsel on work-life balance. Helping professional women excel is an area of focus in her coaching.

Susan sees coaching as a professional process that links individual effectiveness to organizational performance and business outcomes. It is a strategic tool that:

  • helps individuals grow their leadership skills to bring out the best in themselves and their teams;
  • enables executive teams to improve leadership performance and employee productivity

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