Our Founders

Susan Gellatly

Former IT Executive at Boeing

Susan was an IT and aerospace manufacturing executive leader who drove innovative, large-scale software development programs for nearly 30 years. She played an important role in shaping the IT organization at The Boeing Company where she managed a $1.6B budget and developed the organization strategy, including employee development, for the 1000-person infrastructure team. Susan spent her career leading enterprise organizations undergoing change due to business drivers, new technology, or rapid growth/downsizing. She has a deep understanding of how change impacts a leader’s ability to be successful.

More About Susan

Susan founded her executive coaching business in 2015 with the vision to encourage, convince, and nudge leaders to fight through their challenges and reach for executive and C-suite roles. Susan knows that for businesses to change they need diverse voices at the top. She specializes in leadership development, communication, career progressions and organizational structures. With a direct and candid communication style, Susan guides her clients to identify and resolve the barriers to professional development at both the individual and organizational level. She is a high energy, high focus coach who helps leaders increase self-awareness, and improve communication and conflict resolution skills.

Susan is a Pacific Northwest native and the mother of four boys. Outside of work she loves hiking, skiing, and traveling. When Susan isn’t outdoors exploring the world, she can be found with a good book in her hands.

Dawn Rowley

Former VP of Human Resources

Dawn is a business leader and executive coach who has been leading in manufacturing organizations for over 25 years. She had a successful career progressing from manufacturing engineer to an executive in management and human resources. In her last corporate role as VP of Support Services and Human Resources, she honed a deep understanding of leadership, operations, and best practices for employee development. She is incredibly proud of her role as a leader of growth and continuous improvement initiatives that delivered top line revenue growth and reduced bottom line costs, while driving significant improvement in employee engagement.

More About Dawn

Dawn’s coaching practice focuses on guiding senior executives, mid-level managers and high potential leaders to accelerate their personal development and grow in their leadership capacity. She builds trust through candid and open dialogue and creates a safe space for self-evaluation and reflection to provide the context for change and growth. Dawn works with her clients to create realistic action plans and holds them accountable to the work they design. Through the work, clients enhance self-awareness and professional effectiveness resulting in bottom line business improvement and greater personal satisfaction. She is intuitive, action-oriented and brings a high level of business acumen to her coaching practice. 

Dawn lives in the southeast with her husband, Mike.  Outside of coaching, she is passionate about travel, particularly to experience great food and wine. 

Christine Noffz

Former VP of Banking Operations

Executive leadership coach Christine has over 30 years of expertise in leadership and management. Through her roles within ever-changing banking operations, consumer lending, and regulatory compliance, she has a deep understanding of what it takes to run a successful people driven organization to get results and meet the needs of all stakeholders. For decades, she was a strategic partner with the C-suite and the Board of Directors to create and execute initiatives, products, and services to grow market share and customer base.  As an executive, she understood the importance of sharing her vision, inspiring and empowering teams.

More About Chris

Christine led teams to achieve desired business results by maintaining accountability and clear and open communication across all channels. She is a change facilitator and thought partner who facilitates greater self-awareness in her clients by inciting divergent thinking and action. She asks thought provoking questions and listens deeply. She supports her client’s in designing actionable steps to reach their goals and aspirations.   

Christine lives on the California Central Coast with her husband of 30+ years, and they have a son who is an Engineer for Cal Fire. She enjoys hiking, swimming, kayaking, cooking, and learning.