Women Rising

Designed and led by successful business women to prepare aspiring young women for greater success.  Through a 1:1 mentor-coaching development model, we provide a safe environment to explore beliefs and practice new behaviors to enhance professional effectiveness and achieve greater personal satisfaction.

In this program, participants explore the differences in how men and women lead and the unique issues that women face.  This course is a guided study of leadership, consisting of six one-hour coaching sessions, including reading, exercises and experimentation.  Participants develop a deeper understanding of their personal style, how to leverage their strengths and overcome habits that may interfere with their effectiveness.

Women Rising 2.0

This intensive 2.5 day leadership retreat offers insight, feedback and personal coaching. Throughout the experience, participants find inspiration, develop a peer network, and grow as leaders. Unlike many courses of study, the support for turning learning into action continues after participants return to their organizations as they work on integrating the concepts that will increase their leadership effectiveness. Bi-weekly coaching and small group peer/mentor calls create the space for discussion, evaluation, and lasting transformation.  Next session: 2019.