An executive coach and business leader, Dawn Rowley has worked in Human Resources and Manufacturing for over 25 years. Prior to founding her coaching business, Dawn was the Vice President of Human Resources and Support Services for BrassCraft, a Masco company.  She had a successful career progressing from manufacturing engineer to executive in management and human resources. She combines her experience as an operating executive with her knowledge in leadership and employee development to assist clients in generating the change they need to reach their personal and professional goals.  Dawn understands the challenges that leaders face. She is intuitive, action-oriented and brings a high level of business acumen to her coaching practice. She enjoys working with leaders and teams to create an environment where individuals can thrive; bringing their best self and driving business results.

Dawn’s clients are senior executives, mid-level managers and high potential leaders who are looking to accelerate their personal development and grow in their leadership capacity.   She focuses in areas of leadership impact, executive presence, communication, and peer and subordinate relationships. She builds trust with her clients through candid and open dialogue, and creates a space that allows for self-evaluation and reflection to provide the context for change and growth.  She works with her clients to create realistic action plans, and holds them accountable to the work they design. Through the work, clients enhance self-awareness and professional effectiveness resulting in bottom line business improvement and greater personal satisfaction.

After spending most of her life in the Midwest, Dawn has moved to a coastal community in Florida with her husband, Mike, where the warm weather and sunshine has provided a welcome change to a cold, snowy winter.  She enjoys being outdoors, traveling, great food and a nice glass of wine.

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