Client Testimonials

“We made a connection with BenchStrength Coaching at the exact right time when we were discussing the development of our up-and-coming staff members.  They provided a truly valuable service by helping us clarify our desired outcomes around leadership and leadership presence and then working with our employee on a growth plan with great care and compassion.  Our employee was grateful for the opportunity to learn to leverage strengths and benefit from the awareness that comes from the coaching process. BenchStrength met with us at the beginning to focus our goals, provided a check-in halfway through the process, and at the end of the process to update us on progress.  Their communication throughout was clear and consistent and we would absolutely invite BenchStrength Coaching  back to support our staff in growing their leadership skills!” – Staci Armo, Director of Operations


“I recently taken on a new leadership role, my coach helped me to navigate the unexpected challenges that came with it. Because of her ability to get to the root of my issues, I was able to change my perspectives (and attitude!), to see the whole picture before making decisions, and to communicate more effectively.” – T.G. Deforest, WI