Bench Strength Development

“After executive compensation, succession planning is the most talked about topic between heads of HR and the board, according to CEB data, and there is increasing concern about the readiness of potential candidates in current succession plans. As companies struggle to respond to all this change faster and better than competitors, a properly functioning succession pipeline will be crucial. Unfortunately, many senior executives feel their current succession initiatives are not good enough.” 24 Jun 2016 | CEB HR

For: Mid-level leaders       

Duration: Six – 12 months

Bench Strength Development coaching is specifically targeted to build better leaders in your executive talent pipeline.  Organizations must have a capable and ready bench for business sustainability and ongoing success.   This coaching is focused on building leadership skills that are essential for success in executive positions. We help leaders increase self-awareness and identify behaviors that contribute to or may detract from their overall effectiveness.  We evaluate readiness for executive level and other leadership positions. Our assessments provide information on personal values and motivations, and our coaches help clients evaluate the trade-offs that are part of being elevated to higher levels of leadership in an organization. This helps ensure that those selected for a succession slate are ready and willing to assume higher levels of responsibility.

This individual development coaching is for existing leaders to increase their readiness to take on more influential and vital roles. We work one-on-one with your talent pipeline candidates to create a plan that will drive their development in the competencies you identify as critical for future roles.

Additionally, we provide transitional coaching during the critical, success-defining, first months of a new  leadership position.